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Destination Manila

Destination Manila? Have a Great Time!

Destination Manila? If you just got a posting to Manila then you are in for a great time.

If it’s destination Manila on assignment and you booked your executive apartment with Corporate Apartments International, you took the first step towards having a wonderful professionally and socially rewarding stay.

Short Stay Apartments In Melbourne Should End

Short Stay Apartments In Melbourne Should End

Short Stay Apartments in Melbourne Should End Short stay apartments in Melbourne are now offering as little as two nights in residential apartment buildings. Our view is simple. Short stays in Melbourne of as little two days, in residential apartment environments, are self-evidently wrong. Owner-occupiers and long-term business residents, should not be subjected to the … Read more

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Corporate Housing Checklist-Summary – Part 7

Corporate Housing Checklist – Final Thoughts. Perhaps you are one of the many multinational companies that have chosen to use our corporate housing Manila service or our corporate housing service in Australia. If you are, we expect that you are very happy with our service, as our Guest Survey results would suggest. Naturally, if you have … Read more

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Corporate Apartment Checklist-Quality- Part 5

OK, you have found a great corporate apartment provider, you have given them a clear brief and the budget is set. You have identified the right location, now you need to know that the quality of the apartment and service meets your needs. Corporate Apartment Quality Let’s Define It No two corporate apartment providers are the … Read more

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Executive Apartment Project – Part 4

Great Executive Apartment Locations One of the great advantages of the executive apartment option is that the employee can be located almost anywhere. A reputable corporate housing provider will have an inventory of high-quality executive apartments all over town. So you have location options. Getting The Executive Apartment Location Right Unlike traditional serviced apartments, an … Read more